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  • Weekly Email Newsletter


    Building and maintaining a list of loyal email subscribers is the fastest way to predictable revenue. We will handle everything needed for a successful monthly newsletter.

    What you can expect:

    • Email newsletter sent every week (4x a month)
    • Each newsletter is approx. 500 words
    • 1st round of revisions (if necessary)
    • 2nd round of minor revisions (if necessary)
  • 1K Words for Any Use


    Great writing is the key that drives business, it also takes time and expertise. Let us take care of it for you. Use this gig for a range of writing projects in your business.

    What you can expect:

    • 1000 words gig used for a single document or purpose
    • Customer can choose from the following options: blog articles, …
  • Animated Infographic Video

    The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. However, the real problem with video is that producing professional video content on a regular basis is time-consuming and costly! This service is designed to give you fresh video content for you to share and drive traffic on a regular basis. All at an affordable price.

    What …

  • Monthly Email Newsletter

  • We will research your niche & competitors and create 3 hyper-targeted advanced audiences

    NEW GIG!
    One of the biggest advantages of advertising on Facebook & Instagram is having the ability to target very specific groups of highly engaged people. Facebook has thousands of data points on each of its users, so you can get very, very targeted with your ads. Most people are not …

  • We Will Write Google Search Ad Copy For You That Converts

    Writing ad copy is both art and science. 

    Whether you’re driving sign-ups on your website, sales in your store or installs for your mobile app, using the right copy can be the difference between an ad that flops and an ad that rocks!

    We specialize in direct response copywriting, so your audience is motivated to complete the desired action right away!

    We write the …

  • Help you set up the Facebook conversion pixel on your website or online store

    The FB pixel is a snippet of code for your website that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad Facebook campaigns.

    Three Major Advantages Of the Pixel installation:

    1 Creating Lookalike Audiences: You will be able to target people who are similar to your best customers/visitors;

    2 Accessing Audience Insights: You will be able to access essential insights about the people who …

  • Sale! Sale!

    Create 6 Customized Facebook Audiences in Your Ad Account

    One of the biggest advantages to advertising on Facebook is your ability to target specific groups of highly engaged people. There are also many ways you can combine, layer, and exclude audiences as part of your targeting strategy that will help you reach the most relevant people on Facebook that are most likely to turn …

  • We Will Identify 5 Changes You Can Make to Your Landing Page to Boost Sales

    A Great Ad Won’t Get You Very Far if Your Landing Page Is Not Optimized for Conversion.

    A landing page exists for only one purpose: convert visitors into a future or present customer. You need to make sure the landing page is optimized and primed for success. For just $62, we will evaluate your landing page to ensure it is optimized for …

  • Sale! Sale!

    Full Service Expert Ad Campaign Setup

    “Done for You” Facebook Campaign Creation

    Want everything done FOR YOU? This is the next best thing to having us fully manage your Facebook campaigns. We will get everything set up for you so all you need to do is press GO – and you can simply duplicate the campaigns we set up for you to create any new campaigns going forward. No …

  • Sale! Sale!

    We will create 3 amazing text overlay ads for your business

    * NEW GIG!

    For this gig, we will create three Facebook ad graphics using royalty free-stock images or images from your website to create 3 high quality ad images that include a TEXT OVERLAY on the ad with a call to action or value proposition.  (See examples)

    We can either write the copy that will appear on the ad ourselves, or you can SPECIFY …

  • Pro Package: Hire 5 Copywriters To Write 5 Unique Facebook Ads

    This gig was just created due to popular demand!

    For this gig, instead of one copywriter writing 5 different variations of your ad, we’ll have 5 UNIQUE copywriters from our team each come up with their own take on your ads!  This will increase the chances that you’ll find an ad you really love and you are basically hiring an army of …

  • Short-Term Rental Listing

    Product Details

    Owning a short-term rental property is a great income stream, keeping that property occupied to its maximum potential requires more than just a headline and a paragraph. Sure Airbnb, VRBO, or HomeAway are driving eyeballs to your crib, but are you converting bookings to their maximum potential? With our Short-Term …

  • Landing Page Copy

    We write landing pages that connect! At a minimum, we include a headline, body, and call to action – options are available during checkout to increase to two or three funnel steps. 

    Growth Pickle does not design your landing page, we write the words you implement within your page.

  • Video/Radio Script

    Product Details

    Need a script for your video project? With decades of leadership in the broadcast copywriting industry, Growth Pickle takes away the stress of AEAC Ad Exec Ad Copywriting. Account managers should be out there hunting for new business, not trying to write ad copy. Let the copywriting ninjas at Growth Pickle …

  • Email Sequences

    Stop struggling with your follow up email sequences. Let Growth Pickle team of writers do it all for you. Simply provide the information we need for each step of the sequence and our team will do the rest
  • Google Ad (1 Ad)

    Product Details

    Growth Pickle will write a killer Google Ad for your AdWords campaign. With our 30 years copywriting experience, we bring your ad to life.

  • Single Instagram Ad (1 Ad)

    Professionally Written Single Instagram Ad

    Ready to start getting results and conversion from your Instagram ads? The copywriters at Growth Pickle are the team to help take your ads to the next level.

    Copywriting is part science and art. The words chosen evoke a response, speak directly to the customer and must be delivered in a way that can be received with …